Creative Studio

SC Foto Studio is an ingenious studio that is avant-garde in the field of creating design, art and photography products.

We at SC Foto Studio, believe in pushing the envelope and hence, are pre-eminent in our field. We offer our customers an array of photography,videography that looks aesthetic in a way which is magnificent and majestic. We’ve made a niche for ourselves and thus, our services for Home fashions, Interior decor and Lifestyle brands are well known not only in India but around the globe as well.

With an experience of more than two decades, SC Foto is a state-of-the-art studio in Noida (Delhi-NCR), spread over 15,000 sq. feet. We have a dedicated in-house team of professionals and creative talent. We create and deliver high quality visual content for various platforms. Our content and services are well curated. They can be modern and futuristic keeping in mind the contemporary times as well as timeless and vintage as per the customers’ needs. We ensure that the services we provide to you are par-excellence and satisfactory.