We have a seasoned team at SC Foto that is highly skilled and experienced. The team is adroit and know how to play with props used for creating aesthetic photography / videography. They are well-versed with latest global trends and have a comprehensive clutch. The team that is all-encompassing thus, know how to get interiors and room ambiences done with delux props as per themes and colour palatte.

We have our own in-house prop store which is impressive enough to help our clients get phenomenal images / videos. And because of the prop store being in-house, the results we deliver save time and cost both. Our exceptional prop store has 50+ sofas and chairs, 70+ bed options, 60+ furniture sets, 50+ tables & side end tables, range of various bath tubs, 70+ pre room set walls, various bonfire settings, 50+ different flooring options, 100+ wall arts, 50+ hanging lights, chandeliers & floor lamps and thousands of accessories from flower vases to artefacts. It helps our esteemed clients to get their work done swiftly and at competitive prices.