Every idea takes birth to provide solution to a problem. Ours was simple - bringing in a great equipment to shoot amazing visuals, keeping in mind the flexibility of transportation and adaptability while also making it wallet friendly for our customers, and that’s how ‘Balarka Arm’ was born in 2016.

Balarka Arm is a new generation remotely operated robotic camera crane system which can be mounted on a series of vehicles such as a ML-350, small sedans and even off-road vehicles such as an ATV to be able to perform on narrow roads, small sized sets, tunnels, parking garages, bridges etc.

Balarka Arm is compact enough to be sent to various locations by Air Cargo yet powerful enough to touch speeds of upto 120 Km/hr and work in challenging conditions. It is capable of 350 degree pan, tilting up and down allowing a wide range of impressively stable, smooth and dynamic shots thanks to the mechanical stabilization. The joystick operated arm is able to carry some of the most respected commercial cameras such as the Arri Mini and Red series.

Balarka Arm over the last four years has been used to shoot a number of commercials, Indian films and web series in India and Nepal.